Service Terms

These Service Terms and Conditions are established to create a mutual understanding between Web-Ready (operated by Oasis of Change Inc.) and our clients regarding the framework of our collaboration. Our aim is to ensure clarity in our working relationship, providing both parties with a secure and equitable environment, minimizing risks involved. Should any aspects of these terms seem unclear or not fully aligned with the needs of your business or project, we encourage an open dialogue. Please feel free to reach out to discuss any concerns or adjustments you may need. We are committed to tailoring our services to best meet your requirements, ensuring a successful and satisfactory partnership.

Project Initiation

A project with Web-Ready kicks off once you sign the contract and confirm your readiness to begin. We schedule projects based on when they come in, with a required deposit to secure your spot.

Understanding Your Quote

We aim to provide accurate quotes; however, some projects may initially receive an estimate. This is our best guess at the start, subject to refinement as the project progresses.

Please be aware, our rates are subject to change to accommodate market conditions or operational costs. We promise at least 30 days' notice for any rate adjustments. Rest assured, any rate changes won't affect already confirmed quotes or projects.

Project Cancellation

If you decide to cancel after we've started, we'll bill for the work done up to that point. Should this exceed your deposit, an additional invoice will be issued. Conversely, if less work was completed, we'll refund the difference.

Should Web-Ready need to cancel a project for any reason, we'll inform you promptly and refund any payments for undelivered work.

Deposit Details

Deposits are crucial, signaling your commitment and aiding our cash flow. We start work post-deposit receipt. For ongoing services, like maintenance contracts, each installment must be paid before the next service phase.

Payment Delinquencies

Non-payment necessitates action. If an invoice is three months overdue without a payment arrangement, we may need to halt the project.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept credit card, E-transfer, and Cash, as outlined on our invoices, facilitating convenient transactions.

Requesting Changes

Changes to the project scope or new requests outside the original agreement may affect project workload and costs. Additional work will be charged accordingly.

Project Timelines

We're committed to meeting deadlines, recognizing that estimates are just that. To help keep your project on track:

  • Communicate any crucial deadlines.
  • Provide necessary information, feedback, and materials promptly.

Accountability for Errors

Mistakes happen, and when they do, we're committed to making things right. Our liability is limited to the quoted amount for the specific work involved.

Project Completion

A project is considered complete once the final payment has cleared in our account. Final invoicing occurs pre-deployment, requiring payment before going live.

Celebrating Your Project

We're proud of our work and may showcase our collaboration in our portfolio, social media, and other promotional channels, benefiting both Web-Ready and your visibility.

By engaging with Web-Ready, you acknowledge these guidelines, ensuring a transparent and successful partnership.

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