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The King George Times had been a cornerstone of high school journalism, offering students a platform to voice their perspectives. However, limited to print, its reach and impact were constrained. Recognizing the potential of digital expansion, the newspaper sought to transition online, aiming for broader accessibility while upholding environmental values.

Web-Ready's Approach

Web-Ready's strategy encompassed three pillars: collaboration, innovation, and sustainability.

Collaboration: Building a Unified Team

Our first step was forming a cohesive unit that blended The King George Times' editorial prowess with Web-Ready's technical expertise. Regular workshops and training sessions were conducted to bridge knowledge gaps, ensuring everyone was aligned with the digital vision.

Innovation: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Digital Publishing


SEO Optimization:We implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies, achieving a 100% SEO score to enhance visibility and attract a global audience.


Eco-conscious Design:Through meticulous planning and development, we reduced the site's CO2 emissions to 0.20g per pageview, setting a new standard for environmentally responsible web design.

Sustainability: A Core of Our Mission


Hosting Solutions:We implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies, achieving a 100% SEO score to enhance visibility and attract a global audience.


Optimized Content:Streamlining content and images for faster load times, reducing energy consumption.

The Outcome

The launch of The King George Times' website marked a pivotal moment in high school journalism. Not only did it transition seamlessly to the digital realm, but it also embraced sustainability at its core. With over 3,000 views shortly after launch, the website's success was not just in numbers but in setting a precedent for future digital endeavors.

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"Web-Ready transforms visions into stunning, sustainable websites with unmatched professionalism and efficiency. Their commitment to seamless collaboration and eco-friendly practices makes them the go-to agency for exceptional web development."

Anisa AbduhamedovaEditor-In-Chief and Founder of The King George Times

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